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TRANSGAZ Joint Stock Company was established in 1997. Its shareholders are affiliates of the largest holding companies involved in the processing and sale of LPG products and one of the leading forwarding companies operating on the domestic and foreign markets, both in Eastern and Western Europe. The company handles a wide variety of liquefied gases such as propane, butane, butane-propane, propylene, isobutane, etc., and petrochemical products requiring heating as paraffins, waxes, slack waxes, certain oils. Both the seat and the cargo handling terminal are located within the area of Małaszewicze railway station (Małaszewicze-Brest border crossing between Poland and Belarus), next to the E-30 international road, midway between Biała Podlaska and Terespol.


The cargo handling terminal is a modern and fully automated facility. Our daily gas handling capacity exceeds 800 tons when loading from broad gauge tanks to standard gauge tanks and over 600 tonnes to road tankers. 4 gas storage tanks with a total capacity of 1000 m3 are installed at the terminal. Oil-free compressors produced by Corken and Blackmer companies allow simultaneous transhipment of two chemically distinct products, which makes our terminal highly competitive on the market. The possibility of simultaneous handling of gases into tank cars and tank trucks is another important advantage. We also have 2 installations for heating petrochemical products. The handling capacity of products requiring heating is approx. 150 tons per day. We use modern, environmentally friendly technology for heating products in the cars. Our services also include the weighing of railway carriages and cars. The terminal operates continuously and is able to accommodate up to 106 broad gauge tanks and 60 standard gauge tanks.

In 2002, to meet the needs of our customers, we installed storage tanks with a total capacity of five hundred cubic meters, and built the second station for refuelling tank trucks. We also built modern technical and social facilities.

In 2008, we built a facility handling petrochemical products that require heating.

In 2010, we installed two additional gas storage tanks. The total storage tank capacity is now 1,000 m3. We also launched the second installation for heating petrochemical products (mainly paraffins and slack waxes) which require heating before reloading.

Our customers can use the services of SGS laboratory, JS Hamilton Poland, Euroservice and others to assess the quality of imported goods. Our staff is highly professional and experienced, and we provide reloading services 24h a day.

We guarantee low prices, high quality and timely services.

Our main shareholders are: Forwarding Trade Trans and Polski Gaz.


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guaranteed low prices, high quality and timely services

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